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6 Important Symptoms Indicating Birth Approaching 

Symptoms of upcoming birth are indications that the organism is prepared for the child to come into the world. One of the most important symptoms of labor is undoubtedly the birth pains. But you should not confuse false pains with birth pangs. The preparation of the cervix, the movement of the fetus, the hormonal changes, all of this will indicate that your pregnancy will end slowly and soon you will meet your baby. 6 Important Symptoms Indicating Birth Approaching

1- Dropping The Stomach

Your baby will be born to the most comfortable position. When the head of the fetus comes down to the small bowl, you will feel that your abdomen has fallen slightly. In women who give birth to children for the first time, the abdomen decreases 34-36 weeks of gestation. If you start breathing easier, you can place your hand between the chest and abdomen, the pressure increases to the bladder and if you start to go to the toilet more often, you can understand that your blood is falling.

2- Mucosal Blockage

Mucus plug is the secretory mass in the cervix throughout the entire pregnancy period. This mucus blockage closes the uterus like a plug. This mucus plug protects the baby from external factors and from infections. Mucus plugs appear in various types. Sometimes this colorless liquid is secreted in the form of secretions and sometimes pink or brown slimy. A few weeks before delivery, the pouch may be reduced at 36-37 weeks of gestation, and in some cases 38-39-40 a day before the birth. weeks. It can also fall several times, as parts. The pregnant woman may notice it in her underwear.

3- Weight Reduction

The woman continues to gain weight throughout the entire period of pregnancy and can gain between 11 and 16 kg until time of birth and this is completely normal. A few days before the birth, the woman may feel that her weight gain has stopped, and that she may even have weakened 1-1.5 kg. Decreased weight is one of the symptoms of the upcoming birth.

4- Contraction Of Contractile Pains (False Birth Pains)

Brekston Hiks contractions (liars, birth pains) may occur more frequently in the days before birth. During this kind of pain, the abdomen becomes heavy and hardens. The main difference between the contractions of contractions is that they are not regular and they end when the condition of the body changes. But one day contraction pains can be transformed into real pains, so it would be wrong to ignore them.

5- Digestive Disorder

A few days before the birth, the pregnant woman may feel symptoms such as nausea, vomiting, abdominal pain and diarrhea. Diarrhea may occur a few days before birth. The reason for the development of digestive disorders is hormonal changes that affect the intestines with other organs.

6- Family Instinct

In the late stages of pregnancy, the tiredness of pregnant women may turn into unexpected house cleaning. This situation, which is called family instinct, is considered as the reporter of birth.


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