7 Nutrients For Kidney Health

7 Nutrients For Kidney Health

In order to preserve the health of the kidneys with many functions in the body, the power of natural nutrients must be utilized. Kidney-friendly foods can help prevent kidney diseases. Here are 7 nutrients that are good for kidney health:

1-  Yoghurt Is A Natural Medicine For Kidney

Yoghurt with calcium and vitamin D content is one of the important nutrients for kidney health. In particular, yoghurt consumed between meals is regulating and facilitating the functioning of the kidney system. The yoghurt, which is consumed by mixing with fresh fruits or vegetables, combined with the vitamin C and mineral effects of fruits, positively affects the kidney function.


2- Salmon Is Curative

Fish groups with high Omega 3 content have a curative role in kidney diseases. It also contains all the minerals necessary to prevent the disease and to perform all the functions of the kidney comfortably before the patient becomes ill like an apple. Zinc and iron contents help the kidneys to work and change the course of the disease in a positive way.

3 – Positive Effects Of Rice Kidneys

Rice and rice mashes are very important in order to replace the calories lost in kidney diseases and improve the disease course and improve the quality of life. Rice should be consumed with caution in diabetes. Kidney patients with high glucose may adversely affect the course of the disease, but in cases where sugar is regulated, rice helps to treat the kidneys positively.

4- Apple Protects Kidneys

In particular, the red apple acts as a protective shield to prevent diseases as it supports the treatment of kidney diseases. Cleans the kidney and helps the fiber content and the filtration process to be done in the best way. A medium sized apple per day is important for kidney health.

5- Pumpkin Prevents Kidney Stone Creation

Pumpkin is an effective food, especially against kidney stones. Calcium in the pumpkin helps to prevent the formation of kidney stones.

6- Pumpkin Seed Has Cleansing Feature

Pumpkin seeds containing zinc and iron minerals are very effective in kidney diseases with omega 3 effect. Sugar balancing and cleansing effect of kidney systems is quite high. In addition, it has a feature that strengthens the immune system and has a positive effect on depression and chronic weakness.

7- Parsley Provides Water Balance

High in vitamin C, parsley, vitamins and minerals contained in the kidneys and cleaning the work is to support the work. It helps the body in the water condition especially in kidney diseases and this balance of water.

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