Belly Fat İs Not Your Fate!

Belly Fat İs Not Your Fate!

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We know the benefits of monounsaturated fats, which have been found in olive oil, hazelnut and avocado for decades. We refer to monounsaturated fatty acids as MUFAs. In 2007, Spanish researchers published a study in the journal ‘Diabetes Care’ that found it helpful to prevent weight loss in the waist area of MUFA-rich diets.

The researchers investigated the effects of three different diets (rich in saturated fat, rich in carbohydrates and rich in MUFA) on the distribution of abdominal fat, namely the effects of abdominal fat. Three diets had the same amount of calories, but only the MUFA diet reduced the accumulation of belly fat, more specifically the internal organ fat.

Belly Diet

The Flat Belly Diet consists of two parts: a four-day bloating program and a four-week diet plan. Everything covers a total of 32 days, according to research, this time is sufficient to provide a lifestyle change based on a diet. After you apply the program and see the desired change in your weight and dimensions, we will give you methods to maintain your stomach flat throughout your life. Although one is dependent on another, let’s start with a four-day bloating-relieving program.

Four-day bloating remover program 

It is a list of foods and drinks that help to remove liquids from the body, reduce water accumulation, relieve complaints such as gas, and show less bloating in the stomach. Even if you lose only a few pounds of unnecessary water weight, you can increase the confidence that is necessary for success in any diet plan.

We will move over 1600 calories a day because it will be the amount that a healthy adult needs. As the program progresses, it is important that you maintain your motivation. To help you with this, you should keep a notebook for 28 days. If you note what you eat every day, the weight and your measurements are reduced Weekly, the changes will make your emotional food needs controlled. Accepting your emotional bond with food is vital for you to lose weight and maintain it.


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