Common Diseases In Pregnancy 

Common Diseases In Pregnancy 

Common diseases during pregnancy should be carefully monitored!

Taking measures against nausea and vomiting, heartburn, constipation and hemorrhoids are very important for baby health and maternal health. Some common diseases during pregnancy include:

Stomach Disorders

Heartburn is a very common disease in pregnancy. Generally this occurs at the beginning of the pregnancy,but it may also occur after birth  in some pregnant women. Fatty, spicy foods and roast-type foods should be avoided.

Dizziness, Nausea, Vomiting

Dizziness, nausea and vomiting may be severe in some pregnant women. In such cases, the pregnant woman cannot be fed well. The pregnant women should be weighed regularly. If weight loss occurs, you must talk with a doctor.


It is one of the most common and uncomfortable conditions during pregnancy.  All kinds of raw vegetables, fruit, green salad, bran bread etc. must be eaten. Dried apricots, prunes and fig compotes are also good for constipation. The best solution is eating spinach.


The most important symptoms seen as a result of hemorrhoids are bleeding, itching and pain. Constipation is the first cause of hemorrhoids. It usually develops at the end of pregnancy and it is very uncomfortable in the first days after birth. Eating plenty of fiber foods such as vegetables and taking plenty of liquid may prevent constipation. Warm shower and ice bags on hemorrhoids may help. But the best solution is to tell your condition to a doctor. He or she will probably give you the neccessary medicines to deal with hemorrhoids.

Cramps In The Legs

Especially seen in the last months of pregnancy. It may be due to lack of calcium and vitamins. The mother needs to be well fed. Especially vitamins B and D should be taken. Pregnant women with frequent cramps should walk regularly. It is useful that the mother lifts her leg slightly and pulls towards her belly in the moment of cramping.


The growth of the uterus prevents the return of the blood from the leg veins. This situation leads to heirs in some pregnant women. Lifting legs up and doing long walks can prevent this situation. Do not wear tight stockings.

Frequent Urine Making

Pregnant women often urinate frequently in the first and last months. If the urine burning sensation occurs, there may be urinary tract inflammation.And it is best  to seek medical advice from a doctor. It should also be noted that vulva cleaning should be considered.

Tooth Decay

As the saliva is more loaded with substances that can affect tooth enamel during pregnancy, the teeth are at risk. Depending on calcium and fluorine deficiency in the case of poor nutrition, the teeth tend to decay. To prevent decaying, the teeth should be regularly brushed and sufficiently milk products must be sufficiently taken. Acid may also remain in the mouth due to vomiting in the first months. This may also cause tooth decay. After vomiting, mouth should be shaken with water frequently.

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