Does Stress During Pregnancy Affect Baby? 

Does Stress During Pregnancy Affect Baby? 

The basis of human health begins in the uterus. A baby who grows as part of the mother‘s emotional system is not only affected by the mother‘s eating habits and physical movements, but also by her spiritual changes, happiness, stress or tension. The baby eats, drinks and feels with him. It affects the psychology of the mother, the child they are emotionally experiencing during pregnancy.

Interest Of Pregnancy And Stress

There is an idealized maternity fiction by society. There is a perception of being very happy and having the best baby both during pregnancy and after birth. There is a perfect maternity picture in society like this. In addition, women are getting lonely as they try to reach it.

How Stress And Depression Affects The Infant?

There are many negative conditions in people’s lives and the disease is associated with infancy. A difficult infancy, depression, behavior disorders, distractions, concentration disorders, introversion, aggression and behavioral developmental problems such as aggression are related to stress experiences by the mother during her pregnancy.

How Is The Effect Of Stress On Baby During Pregnancy?

A number of studies have been carried out until the baby is 5 months old. It is determined that the baby perceives this from two months after the mother has an expressionless face and interrupts the baby. However, when a secure relationship is established between them, the baby is trying to regain the mother immediately. This situation explains how competent and social relationships babies are in their relationship.

How Does The Baby Experience Stress In The Uterus?

The placenta protects the baby from all kinds of harmful substances and effects during pregnancy. But this protection is not perfect. Stress while pregnant is very high, the placenta cannot protect the baby. According to a study conducted on women who had been exposed to violence before, during and after pregnancy, the children of women who were exposed to violence at home during their pregnancy are more likely to respond to stress around the age of 14 years. So, stressed mothers bring the world to stressful babies. Violence against women, in fact, can cause lifelong effects on the baby in the uterud. It has been observed that mothers who are subjected to violence during pregnancy tend to escape or react aggressively in moments of conflict.

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