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Exercises Against Calcification

Calcification is the most common related disease in humans. In advanced ages, arthritis caused by recurrent mechanical stresses in the joints can be explained as the deformation of the glossy and smooth structure in the articular cartilage and the deterioration in functionality.

Importance Of Exercise In The Treatment Of Calcification

Exercise is prescribed by the doctor according to the diseases of the person, the joints held. Exercise has proven effective in calcification. If done correctly, it is a cheap treatment without side effects. Increases the patient’s morale, reduces pain, increases the flexibility of joints, strengthens the circulatory system. Walking, swimming and pool exercises are the most effective exercises recommended for calcification. Of course, during the exercise of excessive strain on the joints, it is important to have sufficient rest intervals.

Some Exercise Types For Calcification

Head And Neck Exercises:

For head and neck exercises, first rotate your head to the right as far as possible. Slowly raise your head upwards until your chin is facing the ceiling. Slowly try to touch your chin to your chest. Finally, try to lift your head to the left and right as if your ear would touch your shoulder. Repeat the same movements in the morning and in the evening, increasing the number each time.

Shoulder And Arm Exercises:

For shoulder and arm exercises, stick both arms with you first. Lift your arm until it is horizontal. Then lift up and twist. Lower your arm and rotate it towards your back so that the top of your hand reaches as far up as possible.

Hand And Finger Exercises:

For hand and finger exercises, small movements of the fingers, not only the hand are also very important. Finger movements can be achieved by squeezing the paper ball or wool ball again. It is also useful to touch the thumb with each finger, respectively.

Walking Exercise:

Walking strengthens your muscles and helps to maintain your joint flexibility. The benefits of walking for calcification, muscles and joints are very important. Because the inactivity due to calcification causes stiffness in the joints and weakening of the muscles. With walking, muscles and joints around the joints become stronger, the joints can be better protected and can be used more smoothly in daily living activities. There are also many psychological benefits of the walking. A regular walking helps you sleep better, helps you control your weight and boosts your spirits. It also decreases depression, stress and fatigue associated with calcification.


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