Fast Weight Loss Exercises

Fast Weight Loss Exercises


1. Weightless Squat

Under normal conditions, you can apply the squat movement by taking advantage of your body weight. To do this, open your legs at the level of your shoulders. Then slowly begin to squat towards the ground; meanwhile, you can combine your hands on your neck or extend both arms parallel to the opposite side. When your crouching level reaches a low chair height, stand up at the same speed. You can repeat the exercise that you normally perform in 3 sets and 12 repetitions as much as you can to spend more energy.

2. Weightless Lunge

Fast weight loss exercises, such as the squat movement can be done with weight, you can still do the lunge movement with your own body weight. Step on your feet without disturbing your normal posture position and lower your stable leg enough to touch your knee. After lifting slowly, perform the same procedure for the other leg. In order to make movement comfortable, you can leave your arms swinging from side to side and if you wish, you can complete the movement as if walking in a wide area instead of staying stationary. 3 sets for both legs and 12 repeats are valid.

3. Row

One of the biggest muscle groups, you can do the row movement to run back muscles effectively. You can also do the row movement with weights such as dumbbell or advanced exercise stations, with the table at home, or with hard covers that you can compress on the top of the door.

If you want to do the exercise with a table, you can follow the following path: lie under the table, grasp the sides of the table with both hands, and pull yourself up, slowly down to the ground. Apply the movement 3 sets and 12 repetitions, you will feel your back muscles working during training.

4. Push-ups

The push-ups are in the fast weight-loss exercises and will work most of your pectoral muscles, which will lead to high energy consumption when the area is developing. You can get help from push-ups or to complete the training directly with your hands.

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