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High Blood Pressure and Healthy Life

High Blood Pressure Signs

High blood pressure signs are often associated with a higher risk of heart disease, stroke or other cardiovascular diseases. These signs and symptoms include: chest pain and palpitations · shortness of breath and dizziness,irregular heartbeat. The uncomfortable feeling behind the head is the most important symptom and sign of the high blood pressure.

In November 2017 the American Heart Association announced revised definitions for blood pressure categories that increased the number of people considered to have high blood pressure. (American Heart Association. 13 November 2017.)

The research done by the health specialty magazine The Lancet shows that 1 billion 130 million people are blood pressure patients around the world and each year 7.5 million people lost their lives because of high blood pressure. According to the research, between 1975 and today the number of blood pressure patients has been doubled. In particular, the doubling of the number of patients in the last 40 years revealed the extent of the spread of the disease. So, what are the main causes of this wide spreading? Let’s examine this in detail:


Blood pressure patients has been doubled

  • Changes in eating Habits and Fast Foods

We all know that one of the main problem of ”fast life” is fast food. This foods which prefer by people to save time is main cause of lots of disease like heart attack,obesite,high blood pressure. Especially salt and saturated fat are shown by doctors as a reason of high blood pressure. It is recommended to reduce salt,saturated fat and alcohol to prevent and cure this disease. On the other hand organic foods,vegetables and fruits must be essential for your diet list, especially garlic is an amazing magical cure for decrease tension.

  • Life without Sports

Its all known by people that making sport is essential for a healthy body and healthy mind. According to surveys, people who make sports regularly has lower risks of lots of disease, indeed high blood pressure. For example, every day having 30 minutes walk provide to cells to go more oxygen and maintain blood pressure optimal level. Its obvious that sports are necessery for everyone.

  • Modern Nightmare: Stress

Nowadays its hard to find a person who is not stressful and it is shown that cause of lot of illness,like high tension, but also its possible to make minimum effects of stress. Yoga, trekking, sports like squash,tennis are just a few of examples. Also listening classical music, peaceful piano,or just nature’s sound.. Whatever you choose,its absolutely will be effective. Just be relax.

  • Sleep better, Live better

“Human body renew itself in sleep as a magically” says scientist. If we think our body as a machine, our machine make repair itself in sleep, and it doesnt need anything else even! A better sleep will make you more rested,more relax and fresher. According to scientist, best sleep hour is between “23.00-03.00” In these period our cells renew itself, our skin renew, our wound heal and our organs work in a organized process. Also our blood pressure is lowest level and heart beat is slowest. As a consequence, better sleep will make you away from disease and high tension.

  • Cigarette and Alcohol

Everyone knows the effect of cigarettes to human body. Governments make some restrictions and regulations to prevent minimum consume of cigarettes and alcohol and social health institutions give information about effects of them to people. But its easy to say ,convincing people about its fatal danger is difficult. Although so many people aware of its danger, they continue to use and get sick because of them. High tension is also a result of them.

As a sum, seeing high blood pressure disease is possible now everywhere around the world. One of every four men in Europe and one in three of the women are high blood pressure patients, the largest increase in blood pressure was recorded in Hungary, Slovenia and Lithuania.

The World Health Organization has recommended a healthy nutrition and exercise against the disease, which has increased significantly and to reduce the use of salt to the extent possible. Beside them, better sleep, relax life and drinking more water are also important for a healthy life.


“Nearly half of US adults could now be classified with high blood pressure, under new definitions”. American Heart Association. 13 November 2017. Retrieved 14 November 2017.


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