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How To Exercise By Month In Pregnancy? 

It is advisable to exercise safely in the presence of a specialist doctor control and expert sports instructor during pregnancy. Sports, as for everyone, is of particular importance for pregnant women. The biggest problem during pregnancy  is the displacement of the person’s center of gravity. If we think about gravity, there is a possibility that any postural disorders may be seen in the spine. Therefore, it is advisable to exercise safely and reliably under the supervision of a specialist physician during the pregnancy and under the supervision of an expert sports instructor. There are different kinds of exercise depending on the period during pregnancy.

Appropriate Exercises For The First 3 Months Of Pregnancy

During the first 3 months of pregnancy, the person is given a light-paced walk and stretching-style back exercises to strengthen the spine. In addition, exercises such as pilates and yoga are necessary.

Exercise For 3-6 Months In Pregnancy

Vertical cycling, walking, light paced group exercises, pilates and yoga sessions are suitable for 3 to 6 months of pregnancy. The exercises in the supine position during this period put pressure on the baby and leave the baby without oxygen. Therefore, such exercises should be avoided. Instead, the movements in the side and the sitting position are the most reliable position for the mother and baby.

Exercises For 6-9 Months In Pregnancy

During pregnancy, periods of 6-9 months are the last stages of the formation of the baby. These periods are the times when the mother‘s abdomen grows most. In this period, mothers are only allowed to use the sitting position to protect the baby. In addition, a pregnant woman in recent years to do walking exercises and participating in pilates sessions is very important to make the birth easier.

Postnatal Exercises

After the birth, the mother may prefer to do mild and moderate tempo exercises, pilates and yoga sessions, long walks ranging from 30-45 minutes. However, since this period is a period of breastfeeding, the intensity and intensity of the exercises to be done by the mother in order not to impair the quality of milk should be low. Mothers should avoid exercises that may increase body temperature and take care to perform exercises appropriate to their own body weight. In addition, the mother‘s body is renewed along with regular breastfeeding and exercise. Thus, it is very easy for the woman to get rid of the weight she receives during pregnancy.


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