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Is There A Treatment For Infertility? 

One of the biggest problems of couples is to experience infertility problems. Research shows that one in every four pairs has an infertility problem. Infertility; in the medical literature without any protection, regular sexual intercourse in the form of being unable to have children. Infertility can be seen in both men and women. There may be more than one reason for infertility. In case of diagnosis, infertility treatment is also possible.

How Is Infertility Treatment In Women?

Infertility Causes And Diagnosis Are Important:

Infertility treatment and infertility should be done first in the best way. The way to a good treatment is through good diagnosis. After all investigations, the cause of infertility should be well understood. Treatment should also begin after this stage.

Ovulation Treatment:

If there is no reason for the infertility of the women or if it cannot be explained, the ovum treatment is applied. At the same time, this treatment is applied to women in cases of irregularity of the ovum. The aim of treatment is to allow the woman to lay ovums regularly every month. As a result, women who lay ovums regularly every month increase their chances of getting pregnant if they have a relationship.

IVF (In Vitro Fertilization) Treatment:

If both tubes in the uterus of the woman are blocked or damaged, there is almost no chance of being pregnant. Women who are obstructed by both tubes face the risk of infertility. One of the treatment modalities is in vitro fertilization. Thanks to the IVF treatment, women can become pregnant at a rate of 99 percent.

How Is Infertility Treatment In Men?

Thanks to the advancement of medicine and technology, researches on treatment of male infertility in recent years have been enlarged and very good results have begun in the treatment. Male infertility is highly treatable. First of all, infertility treatment is the most important goal in determining the cause of infertility. Because treatment will be planned for the cause of infertility. For example; If there is a high probability of varicocele in men, the surgical procedure should be started immediately. If the cause of infertility is understood to be hormone deficiency, hormone support is provided to the male. Impotence and ejaculation are the causes of infertility in men. When these conditions are encountered, the doctor is given medication by the doctor. Psychological support is also provided. Drug therapy and especially psychological support have shown positive results in these disorders.

Vaccination Method For Male And Female

Immunization treatment can be applied to both men and women. In addition, this method is one of the most common treatments applied to couples without children. The vaccination method is applied to males with a lower sperm count than normal and to women who have problems in their ovaries.


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