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Is There Any Treatment For Strabismus? 

Strabismus is a possible disease. Under normal conditions, both eyes move parallel to each direction. If the eyes do not parallel during the movement, strabismus occurs. Strabismus can be inward, outward, or in other directions. Strabismus may be permanent or temporary in one eye or both eyes. Strabismus can occur in children and adults, congenital or posterior. Strabismus is not just an aesthetic problem. In addition, it may cause lazy eye and psychological problems.

Causes Of Strabismus

There are different reasons for strabismus. These reasons are different in children and adults. Genetic factors also play an effective role. The most common cause is eye disorders. Strabismus and lazy eye are seen in many squint children. If there is strabismus or laziness in the family, the risk of strabismus in the child increases. Sometimes a feverish illness and an accident cause the appearance of strabismus. Strabismus in some people may be due to paralysis in one or more of the eye muscles. Subsequent strabismus may be due to trauma, hypertension or diabetes. Some of the strabismus in infancy and childhood are pseudo-eye shifts. The pseudo-eye shift can be a misleading image that may be due to the width of the nasal root.

Strabismus Types

Strabismus can be classified in many ways. Congenital strabismus, later strabismus, up, down, side-to-side strabismus, as well as hidden strabismus also exists.

What Is Hidden Strabismus? Treatment Of Secret Strabismus?

Although the eyes appear to be normally parallel, the strabismus that occurs when one of the eyes is closed is called hidden strabismus. Patients may not notice hidden strabismus as strabismus. Eyestrain causes headache. Treatment is usually done with glasses.

Strabismus Treatment

Today, for the treatment of strabismus glasses, surgery and botox treatment is applied. The ophthalmologist decides which type of strabismus to treat. Surgery is usually performed for strabismus that does not improve with glasses. Botox is applied in some special cases.

How Is Strabismus Surgery performed? When To Do?

Strabismus surgery should be performed if the child or adult cannot be treated with squint glasses. Strabismus surgery is usually very good in many strabismus types. Strabismus surgery is performed with a general anesthesia method which lasts 30 minutes. At the end of the operation there will be no visible stitches in the eyes of the patient and there will be very little discomfort after the operation.


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