Risky Pregnancy Symptoms And Causes

Risky Pregnancy Symptoms And Causes

In the event of a pregnancy, when the mother has an existing disease or use of the drug, some diseases may occur in the mother during pregnancy. In addition, the baby may experience an increase in disability, illness, or the likelihood of occurrence. These risky situations are defined as risky pregnancy in medical language.

What Are the Signs of Risky Pregnancy?

Since risky pregnancy is not a type of disease, its symptoms can not be determined in advance. Diagnosis can be made only by perinatology specialists for risky pregnancy problems. For these reasons, rather than the symptoms of a risky pregnancy, the idea of ​​the reasons for these risks can be carried out. Nevertheless, a doctor should be consulted when risky pregnancy is suspected. Necessary measures should be taken for the risks that are diagnosed according to the doctor‘s recommendation.

Why Doed Risky Pregnancy Occur?

Risks Due to Mothers:

If there are systemic diseases such as goiter, sugar, collagen tissue disease, heart, liver and vascular disease, if the mother is 18 years old or above the age of 35, there is a kinship relationship between the mother and father, if there is an outpatient, if the mother considers alcohol or smoking and if there is a recurrent miscarriage in the mother it can be said that risky pregnancies may occur

Risks Due to Babies:

Occasionally, there may be causes directly related to the baby in the uterus, which may cause pregnancy risk. Twin and multiple pregnancies, growth retardation in the baby, the baby’s water is more or less than expected, problems such as blood incompatibility in the baby may be the cause of risky pregnancy. 

 Risks Caused by Unexpected Reasons:

Various diseases during pregnancy, unexpected adverse conditions can create some risks for pregnancy. Pregnancy, diabetes, hypertension, toxemia and eclampsia-derived pregnancy poisoning, pregnancy during vaginal bleeding, pregnancy cervical insufficiency, pregnancy, such as early pregnancy may lead to risky pregnancy.


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