Test Tube Baby Treatment

Test Tube Baby Treatment

If we are to define test tube baby treatment, it is the fertilization procedure of couples’s  gametes (germ cells) outside of the body. Generally personal treatments are applied which vary from person to person. But general phases are mostly certain and we have explained below test tube baby procedure step by step.

1st Phase- First Meeting

First of all to understand which methods are best for couples’s test tube baby process, doctor meets with couples. In this meeting doctor evaluates the investigations those made before and examine woman. Evaluation of man consists sperm analysis .

After woman’s gynaecological examination and ultrasound examination Pap Smear test (a test for detecting cervical cancer) is applied and samples are taken for bacteriological examination. In the third day of woman’s period cycle,hormon investigations are made and in this way doctors try to understand how woman’s ovaries react to medicines. Womb and its tube film is taken.

2nd Phase- Ovaries’s Stimulation

The purpose of ovaries’s stimulation is to have sufficiently matured follicles during treatment. A hormon called FSH is given to the woman. This hormon improves the size and quality of eggs. By the help of ultrasound scanning doctors observe this test tube baby process.

3rd Phase- Doctors Collect The Eggs

With an operation doctors collect the eggs. A very small needle is used through vagina and ovaries. By this needle eggs are sucked and for each ovaries doctors repeat this procedure. The eggs can be frozen for later.

4th Phase- Fertilization Process

The eggs which have been taken from woman are put together with man’s sperm and in an appropriate environment, it is kept. Soon after  sperm enters into the eggs. If the sperm fertilizes the egg it is divided and embryo is formed.

5th Phase- Transferring Embryos

At the end, embryo is being transferred to the woman’s womb. It is done with small tubes or catheters. If it is placed in the right place in the vagina the growt begins. Is test tube baby procedure painful? If you wonder this question’s answer you should know that transferring embryo phase and collection of eggs are a bit painful.

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