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The Alternatives Exercises For Losing Weight

Nowadays there are many different exercises to lose weight. It is very easy to lose weight with the help of alternative sports and exercise types suitable for every body and every taste. Usually the most preferred sport for exercise is running. Running allows you to strengthen your bones and tighten your muscles while feeling energetic. Treadmills are an alternative to this sport. However, there are also alternative types of exercise for those who are tired of running:


Swimming with an alternative cardio option is a fun activity that allows you to cool off in hot weather. He is the most recommended exercise for bone health, and is an expert in calorie burning. So swimming is among the easy weight loss exercises. In addition, because water is 12 times more dense than air, it is more effective than all the exercises on the ground in terms of resistance to muscle movement.


Fast cycling that helps in loss of calories; It also provides the operation of the back, leg, hips, abdomen and arm muscles. Also, exercise bikes can be an alternative for you. Strengthens the muscle structure and bones in regular use. Regulates the heart and circulatory system. It is also very ideal to lose weight.

Skipping rope

According to a survey, skipping the rope for 10 minutes is equivalent to running 1.6 km at 9.6 km / h. In addition, skipping rope develops calves, burns calories, improves arm and abdominal muscles. Just like jogging, skipping the rope also aims to protect the heart health.


Plates, you can work with different muscle groups at the same time while doing sports, you can burn a calm calm fat jumping; fat burning while at the same time doing muscle exercises are rare. Pilates, both in a short time to get into the form of posture disorders, such as back pain helps to eliminate discomfort.


Zumba, one of the indispensable exercises of the 90s, maintains its popularity today. The zumba exercises, dancing and aerobic movements, take an average of 45 minutes to 1 hour.


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