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The Importance of Doing Sports in Pregnancy 

Pregnant women complain about the most common causes of low back pain, cramps on the legs, insomnia and constipation at night. The most important way to reduce pregnancy complaints is to do sports and exercise. Experts recommend that women who have a normal pregnancy play medium-term sports for 30 minutes or more every day. Moreover, doing sports during pregnancy has benefits for the baby. Researchers think that changes in heart rate and oxygen levels stimulate babies. The following are some of the important benefits of doing sports and exercising during pregnancy to both mother and baby:

Increases Body Resistance

Exercising during pregnancy increases the endurance and strength of the person. It may sound contradictory, but sometimes too much rest can make pregnant women feel more tired and exhausted. A little sports and exercise, in addition to being active during the day, raising the energy level will make the mother feel better.

Make Quality Sleep

During pregnancy many women experience difficulties to fall asleep. After falling asleep, it is difficult to maintain this sleep without interruption. Women who exercise regularly often sleep better and awaken.

Prevents Diabetes Caused by Pregnancy

Sports and exercise during pregnancy help the pregnant woman maintain her general health. For example, sports can help prevent pregnancy-related diabetes among pregnant women.

Reduces Stress and Anxiety

It is also among the benefits of sports in pregnancy to regulate the mood of constantly changing mood. Because doing sports and exercise corrects the mood of the human being by releasing the chemical endorphin hormone, which gives the body a natural happiness and joy. Therefore, sports reduce stress and anxiety.

Reduces Waist and Back Pain

Strengthened by exercise and sports, the abdominal and back muscles help to end the pain of many pregnant women. Regular stretching helps to find the points where tension builds up and relieves painful muscles. Moreover, this stretching exercise can be done anywhere without sweat.

Prevents Leg Cramps and Constipation

Some of the most common complaints during pregnancy are leg cramps and constipation. Exercise and sports relax the stretched and contracted muscles during pregnancy. It is very good against cramping muscles in the body, especially in the legs. In addition, regular exercise helps the intestines to regulate during pregnancy. The movement of the body is beneficial for the intestines to be mobile. Even a 20-minute walk a day revives the digestive system.

Facilitates Birth

One of the benefits of exercise during pregnancy facilitates delivery. Although sports and exercise during pregnancy do not guarantee a quick and easy delivery, the births of mothers who take sports and exercise during pregnancy are usually shorter. It is necessary to strengthen the pelvis during pregnancy to facilitate delivery.


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