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The Most Successful Diet Programs 

New diet programs are emerging every day for those who complain about excess weight on the world. The following diets that work will be an important resource for you:

Glycemic Index Diet Program

The Glycemic Index Diet aims to keep blood sugar constant by paying attention to carbohydrate consumption. It is usually administered by diabetics. Sample foods: Barley, rye and wholemeal wheat with low carbohydrate vegetables. Low Glycemic Index Diet (DGID) is the product of a new approach. When daily calorie restriction, fat from fat must be reduced. In addition, reducing carbohydrates and glycemic index to maintain a diet that is far from high carbohydrates with care. Such a diet provides sensible and lasting weight control, it is logical and practical. If you learn that your weight control will not be possible at high insulin levels, you will achieve a more successful and permanent weight management.

Macrobiotic Diet Program

The macrobiotic diet predicts feeding with high fiber content and low fat content. Applied by vegetarians. Sample foods: Sayo meat, beans, nuts, wholegrain rice, vegetables and fruits. According to this diet, eat only when you’re hungry and chew on a bite at least 50 times. Eat plenty of vegetables and fruits. Plenty of green tea. This accelerates the digestive system. Support your diet with yoga so you get the best results.

Organic Diet Program

Organic Diet aims to feed healthy agricultural products produced without sweetener, additives, hormones and pesticides. Sample foods: Hormone-free milk, village eggs, whole grains, vegetables and fruits produced without the use of pesticides.

Sonoma Diet Program

The Sonoma Diet consists of a mixture of Asian and Mediterranean cuisine. Sample foods: lean meat, cheese, almonds, bell pepper, olives, broccoli, grapes, olive oil, strawberries, tomatoes, cereals, all kinds of seafood and red wine.

South Beach Diet Program

The aim of this diet is to teach people the nutritional values ​​of foods and appropriate portions. So the diet program starts with low carbondidrate and abundant vegetables first. After two weeks, there is plenty of carbohydrate foods such as chocolate and pasta. Sample foods: 1st stage: Vegetables, eggs, cheese, nuts, fish. 2nd stage: Cereal, potatoes and homemade bread.


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