Top 5 Exercises During Pregancy 

Top 5 Exercises During Pregancy 

Exercise during pregnancy provides many benefits for both mother and baby at birth and after. Many women may not hesitate to do sports because they avoid damaging their body and baby during the pregnancy. However, when the appropriate exercises are done, the sport in pregnancy both facilitates the birth and affects the baby‘s health positively.

Exercises During Pregnancy

1- Pregnant Pilates

Pilates during pregnancy, are the most preferred exercises in recent years. It is important to work with those who are experts in this field, as it relaxes the body, cleanses the soul, prevents back and low back pain, and enables the mother to discover the body of the candidate. It is necessary to pay attention to the process of pregnancy is to perform pilates movements.

2- Swimming In Pregnancy

Pilates exercises can be continued in 3-6 months of pregnancy. In addition, swimming, which is one of the exercises where body weight is felt most, should be preferred during this period. All exercises in the water are recommended for the mother candidates. The vividness of the water balances the increased body weight of the expectant mother and reduces the risk of injury to water and accidents. According to the exercises performed on land, the mother‘s body temperature is more evenly distributed and there is no sudden and rapid temperature change in the baby‘s body temperature. However, caution should be taken against hygienic pooling, fall in wet areas and risk of slipping.

3- Squat

Put one leg down, push the other leg forward and collapse. You will see that your legs and thighs are wide open. Then relocate your legs. This exercise movement strengthens your legs. So, your legs are comfortable.

4- Pregnant Yoga

Some positions in yoga should not be done during pregnancy. For this reason, you should take lessons from experienced tutors who only give private yoga lessons for pregnant women. Investigate pregnant yoga classes and find the one that works best for you. Thanks to yoga, getting a proper connection with your body and your breath will be of great use in pregnancy, at birth and after.

5- Walking

One of the easiest and most effective exercises you can do while you are pregnant is walking. Without forcing yourself, the regular walks will help you get through the pregnancy process more easily and will be very good for your mood.


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