What Is A Tube Baby?

What Is A Tube Baby?

Some couples would like to enjoy the marriage and having children would not be within their plans for a while. Some couples want to crown their marriage with a baby directly. Sometimes, however, things may not go as smoothly as they were intended. This request can cause you to have a difficult and stressful day due to possible health problems that prevent you from having a baby.

What is an IVF?

In short, the embryo is fertilized in laboratory environment of the reproductive cells taken from the mother and father candidate to ensure the development and placement of the woman’s womb is called the process.


Although you have a regular and unprotected sexual intercourse with your partner for a year, you can apply to tube baby treatment if you are having problems with pregnancy. If you are 35 and over the age of the natural ways to wait 6 months for pregnancy and then you should contact an expert. Because this method can be applied until the age of 44, the success rate falls after the age of 42.

Who can be applied to tube baby treatment?

  • Tubes are both clogged ones,
  • Eggs in disorder,
  • Those who don’t have sperm in their semen,
  • Quality disorders in sperm,
  • Those who have problems with sperm mobility,
  • Those with abnormalities in The Shape of sperm cells,
  • In people with hormone disorders,
  • Some problems caused by sexual intercourse,

How is a tube baby made?

Tube baby treatment, the mother candidate’s number 2. or 3. it starts on your day. Male and female reproductive cells are held for 48 hours in a suitable environment at body temperature. In this period, fertilization occurs in almost half of the eggs. The fertilized egg is called an embryo. The process is performed by placing the embryo with the help of a thin catheter in the uterus.

Catheter: a tube made of silicone that is slightly thicker than a duvet needle, 20-25 cm in length. It can be added to the body cavity, channel or vein. It allows the embryo to be transferred into the uterus in a painless way.

The drug procedure is determined by determining the infertility problem of couples who are considered appropriate for treatment. This stage is very important. Because the most important factor affecting the chances of success in the tube baby lies under the treatment method determined according to the infertility problem and the characteristics of the couple.

If tube baby treatment fails, when can the second application be done?

You can do the second tube baby test after the failed tube baby application 2 months later. There are too many pairs that fail on the first attempt and succeed on the next one. Tube baby application 4 times yaptıranlardan, 90% of the success rate is increased to say.

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