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What Is Diet? How To Do It?

Fats accumulated in the body as a result of inadequate and unbalanced nutrition cause obesity and some chronic diseases. Diet programs implemented in accordance with the rules of healthy eating ensure that individuals reach their ideal weight and regulate both their physical appearance and psychological state.

What Is Ideal Weight?

The ideal weight among diet terms can be defined in many ways. The most commonly used and most trusted weight calculation method is considered as the body mass index. The result obtained by dividing a person’s weight by the square of his height is considered as the BMI.

What Is Diet?

Diet, meaning the word meaning, is of great importance as the first step to be taken for slimming. The diet, which means all foods consumed by a living metabolism, is based on intense or restricted food consumption under certain rules. Food choices vary according to the diet applied. The diets applied in the relevant diets, the diets that need to be applied depending on the diseases and the diets preferred by those who have the dependency problem are among the most applied diets.

How To Make A Diet?

Dieting requires stability. The aim of the diet is to have a healthy nutrition metabolism and also to keep the body weight at a balanced level. On the other hand, preventing the intake of macro and micro nutrients required to sustain vital functions by releasing the body in order to lose weight can cause irreversible damage. Due to the health reasons, diet regimen should be prepared adequately and balanced. The diet list should be prepared according to the person’s eating habits, height, age, weight, chronic disease, occupation and physical activity. Diet soups, diet snacks and diet breads that are low in calories and accelerate metabolism can increase motivation by making dieting more fun.

How Diet Programs Are Applied?

The fact that the diet programs are personalized also makes the application easier. Determining the target before starting the diet is one of the factors that affect the successful weight loss process. Failure to lose weight by placing too large targets affects the motivation and prevents the diet to be sustainable. An adequate and balanced diet menu prepared by the dietitian according to personal characteristics and dietary recommendations, as well as healthy weight loss. Diet and sports support the success of the slimming program by increasing the daily calorie motivation. It usually consists of a healthy diet, 3 main meals and 3 breaks.


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