What Is Medical Weight Loss? 

What Is Medical Weight Loss? 

Nowadays, permanent medical weight loss is possible. 6 months of diet and exercise, but can not get results in the stomach for people who can be medical treatment. Weight loss is achieved by a painless operation with closed method. Afterwards, the patient is discharged within 3 days.

Medical Weight Loss Treatment Requires Patience

Changing the way of life that can be summarized as limiting caloric intake and increasing daily activity is the basis of medical treatment. However, it is not easy to implement and make it permanent. While it is healthier to lose weight with diet and exercise, it can be slow enough to force human patience. Medical treatment must be done with a specialist in metabolism or an experienced internal medicine physician, dietitian and psychologist. Medical treatment must continue for at least 6 months. In cases where medical treatment is inadequate, surgical treatment options can be very successful.

Types Of Medical Weight Loss Therapy

Medical slimming treatments; It contains many different methods such as stomach balloon, stomach clamp, stomach tube. However, these treatments should be determined according to the general condition of the patient and not according to the patient’s preference.

Stomach Balloon Method:

The stomach balloon is the simplest method of medical weight loss that helps to lose extreme weight. In this method, a balloon filled with liquid or air is placed into the stomach, under a mild anesthetic. This reduces the food intake capacity of the stomach and provides quick saturation.

Stomach Clamp Method:

With the widespread use of laparoscopic surgery, this method was started to be used in weight loss operations 15 years ago. This method is called a stomach clamp, as the stomach is compressed under a clamp just below the entrance to the stomach of the esophagus.

Stomach Tube Method:

At least as effective as other complicated medical methods. However, the application of this method is easier and less problematic than other methods. In this method, 80-90 percent of the stomach is removed and converted into a tube. This surgery is done in a one to two hour period with closed methods. After the surgery, patients can switch to normal food after consuming liquid for two weeks and after consuming soft foods for two weeks.

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