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What Is Retinal Tearing?

Retinal diseases may result in permanent blindness unless treated. The retinal tears also pose a serious danger. There may be signs of retinal tears, such as light flash, fly flight and sudden vision loss. When any condition of the retina is suspected, it is necessary to consult an ophthalmologist.

What Is Retina?

The most common reason is the shrinking of the substance called vitreous, which has the flux of egg white. The vitreous is firmly attached to the retina (the nerve layer that performs the visual function) from several locations on the posterior wall of the eye. Pulling the retina while the vitreous is shrinking causes tears. Tears may occur after eye trauma.

Complaints About Retinal Tearing

Light flashes, black dots floating in sight, sometimes like spotting and spider-like images,

Findings Related To Retinal Tearing

An ophthalmologic examination may show tears on the retinal layer, and is sometimes associated with bleeding.

What To Do For The Diagnosis Of Retinal Tearing

Pupils are expanded with drops. The ophthalmologist uses various lenses and examines the inside of the eye with an examination microscope. As a result, tears or holes in the eye are detected.

What Should Be Done To Treat Retinal Tearing?

Laser treatment should be applied without losing time. With laser treatment, a dam is made around the retinal tear (or hole). We can simulate this process by stapling or welding. It is an outpatient treatment and it takes a few minutes. This laser treatment, the passage of fluid through the retina behind the retina by blocking the risk of loss of vision is reduced many times.

Considerations After Treatment

Post-laser control examinations should be carried out regularly. In addition, in case of visual loss and visible areas of the visual field, the physician should be consulted immediately.


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