When To Start Infertility Treatment?

When To Start Infertility Treatment?

The biggest cause of infertility is that it can not reach unintended pregnancies in one year period without using birth control method. Inevitably, infertility experienced by one of the couples is an obstacle to this situation. However, there is no need to wait 1 year for infertility. Because the age of the expectant couples due to the age of having children may be delayed.

When Infertility Treatment In Women Starts?

The person who sees the treatment of infertility is very important. The doctor to conduct the treatment should review all previous test reports. Again, infertility treatment, all tests done to women are examined in detail. The type of treatment will be carried out according to the results of these tests. The woman to see the treatment does not need to be in the menstruation period. Infertility treatment in women begins immediately after the definitive diagnosis of infertility is established.

IVF Treatment Method

Infertility of the woman may be caused by clogged or damaged tubes in the uterus. In such a case, there is little chance of a woman getting pregnant by normal means. If both tubes of the woman are damaged, an ivf pregnancy path is tried to have a child. With the help of IVF treatment, couples can reach the child they want by 99 percent.

Who Can Apply Egg Donation Treatment?

This method is applied to women who have a healthy uterus, but have early menopause due to various factors. It can be applied to women with genetic disorders in egg cells.
It is applied to women whose ovaries are removed due to a discomfort. Accordingly, even though women have lost the ovarian tissue for any reason, egg donation may help these women become pregnant. It is applied to women who may have inherited their baby.

In the treatment of IVF, a large number of repetitive tubes are administered to women with infantile failures. It is applied to women who are not able to achieve pregnancy even with age-increasing and hence tube-like methods. It is applied to women with low chromosomal abnormalities. Egg donation is applied to women who do not respond to medicines that develop eggs used during IVF treatment.

Sperm Donation Therapy

Sperm donation or sperm transplantation is a test tube infant who is not able to conceive or become pregnant with its own sperm cells in a sperm donor. Sperm donation is also a form of treatment that is frequently applied to become a mother in single women who want to become pregnant without thinking about marriage. Pregnancy success in sperm donation process varies according to age of mother, egg reserve and embryo quality. This method of treatment is illegal in many countries like Turkey.

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